About me

A brief, boring narrative –

My name is Aaron. I’m on a mission to better understand this state I live in and share what I learn with everyone else!

I grew up on a farm near Albert Lea, Minnesota, lived several years out and about in three different MN cities, completed a graduate degree in Knoxville, Tennessee, and spent some time on military posts in Georgia and Missouri. I served agricultural communities several years as a public drainage system manager, responsible for maintaining a critical piece of rural infrastructure and mediating disputes between neighbors regarding where their water flows. I now live in St. Paul and work part-time as a drainage system consultant and help out on my family’s farm whenever I get the chance. I serve part-time as an engineer officer in the MN Army National Guard.

My drive for this project comes from experiences working as a local government official, a passion for service to Minnesota communities, and an observance of various cultural gaps between the rural communities I was raised in and work in and the urban communities that many of my friends come from (and that I now live in).

Join my on this journey any time! There are lifetimes to explore.

Drive on,


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