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Minnesota is a big place, with a lot of people in it. I’m trying to connect the places and the peoples.

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As country guy that’s lived/living in urban places (Knoxville, TN; Mankato, MN; St. Paul, MN), my goal here is mainly to keep learning about my neighbors and the issues we face in urban MN and share some perspective with my neighbors back on the farm.

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A brief, boring narrative – My name is Aaron. I’m on a mission to better understand this state I live in and share what I learn with everyone else! I grew up on a farm near Albert Lea, Minnesota, lived several years out and about in three different MN cities, completed a graduate degree in…


I’m not real great with numbers, dollars, and head counts, but I’ll try to break this down clearly. Here, I’ll be telling the stories of people who live and work more than 20 miles away from the nearest McDonald’s and discussing the issues that are important to them.

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